Christianity Criticisms: All Churches Are Interested In Is Your Money

In several posts across my various social media feeds this week, I have noticed a common charge against churches as to why they are fighting so hard to remain open [...]

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How Did The Dials Get Set?: The Fine-Tuning Argument (Part 2)

In the last article, we talked about some of the constants, forces, and laws of the universe that have come together in such an improbable manner in order for the [...]

Dialed In For Life: The Fine-Tuning Argument

Since humans first started walking the earth, we have looked to the heavens and the environment around us and came to the realization that there are forces at play larger [...]

Did The Universe Begin To Exist? Or Has It Always Been Here?

We've begun to investigate clues in the reality that we live in to try and determine why things are the way they are. It only made sense to start with [...]

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