Christianity Criticisms: How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?

One thing we are reminded of time and time again when reading Scripture is how loving God is. That he wants a relationship with all of us. So, if that's [...]

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Christianity Criticisms: Why is the Bible full of contradictions?

One of the more popular criticisms of Christianity is that its source documents (the books of the Bible) are full of contradictions. And, because the writers contradict each other, their [...]

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Christianity Criticisms: How Many Miracles Happen. Not Many.

In our ongoing series dealing with criticisms of Christianity, I wanted to next address the issue of miracles. This is one of the things that Christian musician Marty Sampson said [...]

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Christianity Criticisms: How many preachers fall? Many.

Recently, we've been going through some of the criticisms of Christianity. Last time, we looked at the issue of doubt in response to some things that popular Christian musician Marty [...]

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On Doubt: In Response To Marty Sampson Losing His Faith

In an Instagram post this month (that has since been deleted), popular Christian musician Marty Sampson informed his legion of followers that he is losing his faith. Here is what [...]

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Christianity Criticisms: “Christians Are Intolerant” – Part 2

In Part 1 of our discussion, I offered up a definition of tolerance, and showed how that definition has changed in recent times. As a brief recap; the classic definition [...]

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Christianity Criticism: “Christians Are Intolerant” – Part 1

Christianity is receiving more and more heat in the popular culture regarding some of the things it teaches, some of the things its followers believe, and things some of its [...]

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