I Apologize Because I Am A Christian (Podcast)

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In this talk given at Calvary Chapel Winnetka, I discuss the directive to be able to give a defense for the hope that lies within us. I examine the Biblical evidence for doing it, as well as where case making was done by the early disciples. I also give some pointers on keeping the conversation from turning into a fist waving, name calling shouting match

Talk Highlights

  • What is apologetics?
  • Making the case for making the case
  • The purpose of apologetics
  • What is an argument?
  • How to argue like a Christian
  • Dealing with disagreement

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in the talk


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About the Author: David W. Gilmore

Dave Gilmore is the founder and editor-in-chief of Legati Christi. Over the past few years he has developed a passion for Christian Apologetics and theology, and enjoys talking to others about the Christian world view

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